It starts with a Desire

Daniel is a young man who had a wonderful idea for a book but he couldn’t do anything about it because of time constraints. His job took so much of his time, he barely had time for anything else. But the passion was burning. The book had to be written.

He thought long and hard of a way to go about it and finally thought to hire a professional transcriber which led him to me. He contacted me and the connection changed his life forever. He was able to achieve his life-long dream of being a published author.

Today, Daniel is a happy man with at least one book in print when just a while back all he had was a dream.

Why do it yourself?

Do you have a burning desire to be a published author?

Do you have an idea for a great book but can find neither the time nor patience to actually sit and write the book?

Are you a blogger with no desire to write those long blog posts when you’ll rather be speaking?

Are you a preacher with a message you are yearning to share with the world but you have neither the time or inclination to write said message?

Are you a wonderful speaker with zero talent in writing and your clients have been clamoring for your books?

Thousands of people have a wish to see their books in print every year and they do nothing about it because they don’t have the time or patience to sit and write. If you are in this category of individuals I just listed, worry no more…

That’s why I’m here

All you need is a professional transcriber  who will make your writing dreams come true. It can be as simple as recording your thoughts on your mobile device, and we do the rest.

Just record your thoughts, compile those messages you’ve preached over time, get together your coaching videos on Periscope and YouTube and let’s get the ball rolling!

It worked for Daniel, it can work for you too. Stop dreaming and take action!

Hire your professional transcriber today!

Contact Maggie Smart Scribes today….we give words to your thoughts.



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