Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten 6
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This entry is part of 13 in the series Twice bitten   The following day started a lot better than the last. I was able to get a lot of work done. I went to the market, priced some of the materials I needed for the job and proceeded with my price estimate. I planned
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Twice Bitten 5

  I got home that night very tired though exhilarated. The day had been full of fights and victories, and I was so ready to crash in front of my TV and watch my favorite station; Telemundo. There’s something very relaxing and soothing about watching lovers fight and make-up in these TV dramas. I microwaved
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Twice Bitten 4

  I tightened my mouth to keep from talking anymore. I had gone and blown the chance I had with my big mouth. “Point of correction though, I didn’t attack you the moment you got in; as you spent those few moments gawking at my office.” I shrugged. “Impressive enough but in my opinion not
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Twice Bitten 3

  The sudden jerk of the car pulled me from my reverie. I looked around and saw many high-rise office buildings all around me. We must be in the commercial and industrial district. “Are we there already?” I asked the taxi driver. “Yes, ma’am.” He pointed to a particularly intimidating structure. “That building over there
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Twice Bitten 2

  Is it my fault if the two men I married didn’t live up to expectations? One of them was a boy really, and the other was a man, a tough guy. The boy was just an immature baby that I got married to too early and the tough guy was so tough he battered
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Twice Bitten 1

Thanks so much my lovely readers for the awesome love and support shown in the past. I want to say I sincerely love and appreciate you all; and I always look forward to your comments too. Thank you lovelies. Here’s a new story just for you. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you’ll have
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