Short Stories

The Reason 2

  The story of Mary and Joseph continues…   Joseph Joseph is confused. He has just come from Mary’s house and he has heard the most baffling news. Mary is pregnant and naturally, the blame falls on him. After all, he is her betrothed. Definitely, they think he’s responsible hence, the summons. A messenger has come
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The Reason 1

Hey guys, For the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing about some Bible romance stories, writing about it from my own perspective and from the way I understand it by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I’m excited about this! We are starting with the story of Mary and Joseph…Enjoy. As usual, I’ll
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Love Unrequited 1

This is a story I wrote a while back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you must have read it. For the new comers, enjoy…   It was an answer to a long voiced prayer when Dima met Buchi that fateful Tuesday in Abuja. Dima is an upcoming artist with a voice
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