Over the years, I have gathered some insight and experience as a writer and a writer’s coach. I do not claim to know it all or even know half of what I should but I felt a burden in my heart to share what I do know with other writers out there. Who knows, this might be what someone, somewhere needs to get to the next level.

I have been bitten many times, I have been disappointed and I wanted to give up more times than I could count. What kept me going, you ask? These are the little nuggets I shared with you in this e-book.

If you are a writer struggling to cope with the demands of your calling, then this book is for you. If perchance you know you can’t do any other thing but write, but then you find yourself getting discouraged by the day because of the many challenges associated with your gifting, then this book is also for you.

As creatives, we face challenges and sometimes it might seem like we are alone; I am here to tell you that you are not alone. This is one of the reasons I wrote this book, so we can learn together, grow together, rub minds together, and above all, know that in this journey we are not alone.

Please click on the link below and enjoy this free download. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Thank you.

I wish you the very best of life….xoxo

Maggie Smart