Maggie Smart

I am an author and i love anything that has to do with writing. I am passionate about getting fellow writers to the point of recognition by getting their works out there and helping them achieve their highest potential.


TO ABORT OR NOT TO ABORT “Abortion is a pretty simple procedure with minimal risks these days. We, as a country have advanced to the point where it’s relatively safe if it is carried out in a sterile environment with a professional and not in one of those back-water clinics. If the pregnancy is still
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A Heart like Home 4
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series a heart like home

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series a heart like home   Olaoluwa watched covertly as the young lady stood up, brushed her skirt, and started walking away. He had been watching her all day and had purposely hit the ball in her direction so he could get a chance to talk
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Amazon Bestselling Author Alert

How I became an Amazon bestselling author and didn’t even know it (True Story)   It has always been a wish of mine to become an Amazon bestselling author (I mean, every author wants this), and I have been working towards achieving that goal.   This year, I knew I needed to make some serious
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A Heart like Home

Prologue The shadow moved restlessly where it stood. It watched the door across the street like a hawk watching for a lost and abandoned chick. The door still opened and closed too much for its liking. The shadow needed relative quiet and scarcity of movement to carry out its mission. The door opened yet again
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Saturday Writing Prompts

Saturday Writing Prompts Yaaay…it’s a new tradition something! For writers on here, we are bringing on something new to get your creative juices flowing. Introducing, Saturday prompts. Every Saturday, I’ll put up a writing prompt and we can write on it in the comment section. You’ll do well to make use of the opportunities. They’ll
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