This is your one-stop site for exciting, romantic and lovey lovey short stories!

My name is Maggie Smart and I am a writer extraordinaire! Follow my blog and expect the experience of a lifetime. 

This blog was set up to excite and renew people’s days and lives with the beautiful and (or) romantic short stories I’ll be sharing both for free downloads and to read online.

I’ll also like to help you write your stories too!

Do you have an exciting story you’ll like to share with the world?

Are you a blogger and you really don’t have much time to write those long blog posts?

Are you a speaker who is too busy to write those books you really want to write?

Are you a preacher who wants his/her messages to reach more people through written words?

Whatever category you fall, you have come to the right place.

I offer transcription services at very very reasonable prices. All you need is your phone, or a recorder and you are good to go! To find out more about my transcription services go here.

I have been writing for about five years now and I adore writing so you are sure you are in good hands.

I share my story in this writing journey from time to time and if you’re a writer like me looking for an avenue to learn, vent and grow, as the case may be you can join the community here.

I am a God-lover, a wife, a mother and a funny bone (when I choose to be).

Join me and let’s have fun together!

Maggie Smart
Queen of the Pen

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