A Heart like Home 4

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  • A Heart like Home 4


Olaoluwa watched covertly as the young lady stood up, brushed her skirt, and started walking away. He had been watching her all day and had purposely hit the ball in her direction so he could get a chance to talk to her. There was just something about her that drew him like a bee to honey.

He had first noticed her three days ago when she came and sat at that exact spot and seemed to be watching them. There had been few families in the park that day and she had looked around from time to time but she kept coming back to him and his daughter. He wondered what the fascination was for her. Or maybe, she just liked children.

Now, if she had been a man, it would have been a totally different ball game. He would have thought he was probably looking for a child to kidnap or molest, and he would have called the attention of the authorities to the situation immediately. As it was, maybe she just loved kids or wants to have children and is looking for inspiration. His guts tell him it’s something totally different though. He would love to know her story.

“Daddy, daddy, come see this butterfly.” Nicole, his four years old daughter ran to him.

He smiled. Her boundless energy is very contagious. “A butterfly, you say?”

“Yes.” She said as she dragged him along

“Does it have huge wings?”

She wrinkled her face and gave him a look. “Daddy, it’s an itty-bitty butterfly, not a bird.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, baby. I thought butterflies have huge wings? Maybe, I’m wrong.”

“Don’t worry, daddy I’ll show you.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Okay, Nicole.” Ola said, trying to hide his smile.

“Here. Look, daddy, look.” She pointed to the flower which the butterfly was perched on. It had beautiful wings, gold and red coloured.

“Oh, that’s beautiful, Nicole.” Ola breathed

“Can we catch it? I want to take it home.”

“Oh no, baby. Butterflies are meant to roam freely. Once you catch it, its light dims and it dies. You don’t want it to die, do you? This is its home.”

“Okay. I don’t want it to die but I love it.”

“Don’t worry. Let me capture the picture for you.”

Ola removed the picture hanging on his neck and proceeded to take a series of pictures of the butterfly.
He even managed to get one where it perched on Nicole’s hair before flying away. She loved that one especially. He would have the pictures developed for her and they’ll join the gallery of pictures on the wall in her room.

“Thank you daddy. I love the pictures.” She gave him a hug and a kiss and his heart melted.

It’s in moments like this that he misses his wife so much. He wished he could share these precious memories with her. Ever since Nicole came into their lives, it has been a beautiful ride through life and living. They’ve been truly blessed.

“It’s time to go, Nicole. You know we still have to go to the mall and get that jam for grandma.”

“Yes, daddy. I had fun today. When can we come again?”

“I don’t know baby. You remember I told you I have that job in Abuja? Well, I have to leave for that tomorrow and I won’t be back for another three days.”

“Oh, yes I remember.” Her face fell.

She hated his out of town jobs but tolerates them anyway. It’s only the ones which take him out of the country she absolutely detests and that is because those ones do take longer and she couldn’t go with him. She couldn’t care less that those are actually the ones that pay more.

Ola considers himself truly blessed to have this job. He is what they call a celebrity photographer, and not like a paparazzi or anything like that. He gets called on by celebrities to capture their special moments be it in Nigeria or out of Nigeria. He is well sought after in his field as he often have bookings six months in advance. He makes it a point of duty to properly balance his family and work life though. His wife had demanded it of him, and now he’s just used to managing his work-life balance effectively.

As he drove along, his mind wandered to the lady at the park. There was something so familiar about her but he couldn’t seem to place his finger on that particular thing. He wondered if he had met her somewhere. Maybe in the course of his work, he had encountered her before. He meets many people on a daily basis; celebrities (those he was not likely to forget), personal assistants to celebrities, events planners, other photographers, producers, directors, and the works. She could be one of the many faces he had seen but he has a feeling that if he had seen her before, he would remember her distinctly. Nevertheless, the feeling remained that he knew her somehow.

He wished he had found a way to talk more with her and get her contact. It might have come off as strange though, just asking for her number out of the blues. His instincts tell him he’ll see her again though so he wasn’t so worried about that.

He drove into the mall and once more proceeded to perform his fatherly and ‘sonly’ duties, shelving his manly thoughts for a bit.


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