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How I became an Amazon bestselling author and didn’t even know it (True Story)
It has always been a wish of mine to become an Amazon bestselling author (I mean, every author wants this), and I have been working towards achieving that goal.
This year, I knew I needed to make some serious changes, get knowledge via books and training, and get mentors too.
Early this year, I took a step that changed the game for me. I bought one of my mentor’s books and the journey began.
I started talking about Beyond Now, showcasing my work and the book started gaining traction. I took advantage of the promotions available on Amazon so I could push my book into the face of many Amazon users and that promotion paid off.
During the promotion, Beyond Now got to No 19 in both its categories. I was shooting for No 1 and was a bit disappointed when the promotion ended with it still in No 19. Nevertheless, I took that victory and ran with it.
Fast forward to yesterday when my mentor did a post (check the attached picture) on that victory, that was when I realized the gold mine I was sitting on.
The thing was I thought I had to get to No 1 before the book could be called a bestseller. Unknown to me, bestsellers range from No 1-100 in the book’s category of which Beyond Now was No 19 in both of its categories, and No 13,792 in the overall kindle store. By the way, if your book gets to 20,000 and below on the kindle store, then you are a baddoo. Beyond Now got to 13,792.
That was how I was sitting on golden eggs and didn’t even realize it.
Now, I can proudly say: My name is Maggie Smart, an Amazon bestselling author. Gbam!
P.S: If you’ve not read Beyond Now, then you are sitting on a flying carpet. Just follow this LINK to get yours.

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