New year, new vibes.
This year, I am determined to do things differently to get different results.
It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results. I mean, the insanity must be discontinued. So, I’ve decided to do things in a totally different way.
As is customary to me, I usually share new stories to the readers of my blog for FREE but this year, I’ve decided to put a bit of twist to it. Rather than posting the stories directly on my site, I’ll be sending it instead to the people who have subscribed to the blog. The FREE story will be sent to their email directly.
This means that even if you visit my blog but are not subscribed to it, you won’t get to read the stories. If you’ll love to read from me from now, please go ahead and subscribe HERE
Trust me, the new FREE story is a hot one. Even I am excited about it. If you’ve been wanting to read my stories but you’ve not been able to, now is your time.
What’s more? When you subscribe, you get the first two chapters of my new novel, Beyond Now totally FREE.
Maggie Smart
Queen of the Pen

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