Meet Bella

Bella is a sixteen years old girl who had it all. Beauty (although, if you ask her, she’ll not agree with you), brains, and a good family.

A girl born into a typical Nigerian family. She had a civil servant for a dad and her mum was a stay at home mum. She had everything she could ever wish for except good friends and a stable home.

Due to her father’s job, they constantly moved from city to city. This proved very difficult for Bella as she found it hard to make friends. Consequently, she became a loner.

It was yet time again for them to move and Bella was not looking forward to it. Fast forward to when she got to her new school. She met her prince in shining boots and they fell in love. Contrary to every typical love story though, that was just the beginning.

What happened? What next after you’ve supposedly met your other half? You have to read this book to find out.

Would you like to meet Bella? She’ll love to meet you too and share with you her story.


Meet Chris

Chris is every girl’s dream. Tall, handsome and fair; just like a white American. He had the beauty, the charisma and the brains to get any girl he wants. He was the prince and he knew it.

Enters Bella. Bella isn’t the typical girl he would have gone after but something kept drawing him to her. He found her difference irresistible and he determined to get her and make her his. It proved to be a lot easier than he had thought.

Now, he has the girl, what next? He professed his love and the prince now had a worthy princess. When the damsel got into some trouble and needed saving, alas the prince was nowhere to be found.

Where did Chris go? What happened to their ever after?

Would you love to meet Chris? He’ll love to meet you too and share with you his story.

December 22nd is the date. Save it!

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