December 2017

The Road to Beyond Now 6

Wow! Just four days to go! I’ve been on this journey for so long, I can’t believe it’s almost at an end. Through the sweat, tears and doubts, a new dream is about to be birthed. I give God all the praise. We are good to go! Whoop! Whoop!! Are you ready?!!  


When I start a new story, most times I always try to envision my characters and give life to them. I breathe life into them with my words the same way I imagine God breathed life into Adam and Eve during creation. Breathing life to them means I have to know their story, know where
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    “He has a girlfriend?” My heart sank further. It seemed Derin was deliberately making me feel bad. Maybe she likes Chris too. I eyed her carefully. “Yes. Rosa; she is in the senior class. I’ll point her to you when I see her. She must be around here somewhere. They are always together.”
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Long Walk to Home

I have been writing for over five years and during these five years, I have been privileged to meet some amazing writers. It’s a great thing when we collaborate once in a while and do great things to support one another. I have done such collaborations in the past and I have garnered so much
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Meet Bella Bella is a sixteen years old girl who had it all. Beauty (although, if you ask her, she’ll not agree with you), brains, and a good family. A girl born into a typical Nigerian family. She had a civil servant for a dad and her mum was a stay at home mum. She
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