Parenting is the ‘damnedest’ job!

When our children make mistakes, what can we do as parents?

Parenting is the most difficult job there is. The thought of being responsible for a whole human being is scary enough, and most of us are definitely responsible for more than one. Some two, three….and so on.

As a parent myself, I know first hand how scary, challenging, heart-stopping and totally intriguing it can be to raise a child. I also know the joy and tears that come with motherhood. It’s easy enough when they are still babies and all you need to do is keep them from harm and teach them the right way, the real struggle comes when they are becoming adults, when they start thinking for themselves and no longer take your words as gospel.

What then can we do? All we can hope to achieve with them is teaching them the right thing to do, show them the way of the Lord and hope and pray they follow it.

When Bella got pregnant, her parents were at their wit’s end. She had been a model child up until then, and then this major mistake. What could they do though? Do they cast her out and make her fend for herself? Is that going to make her learn her lesson? Or do they remain by her and try as much as they could to help her during the trying period?

What decision did they take?

Make a date with Bella and Chris in #BeyondNow to find out. December 22nd is the date. All will be revealed then.

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