Writing made easy; 10 ideas on beating that writer’s block

Most of the time as writers we might find ourselves stuck with nothing to write about. As fiction writers especially, it can be difficult to get ideas to write about sometimes. If you can get the idea, developing the story around the idea will be easy enough.

Searching for inspiration can be difficult so in a bid to help you, I put together ten incredible ways/places where you can easily get inspiration on what to write.

Let’s dig in.

  1. Books

One of the major places you can get inspiration from is books. I always say that writers must be readers. If you are serious about your writing, then you must read, voraciously. Don’t just read too, read the type of books you want to write and read the books of the author you want to write like. That is, if you love Sidney Sheldon’s books and you want to adopt a similar style of writing, then you need to read a lot of Sidney Sheldon.

A supporting character in a novel could inspire you so much that you decide to develop the character and give the character his/her own voice and story.

Also, if you want to write thrillers or mysteries or romance, read a lot of books in that genre. What this does is help you shape the way you write, and it helps you structure your stories to fit the pattern of these genres.

  1. Movies

One of the major places you can get inspiration from is from movies. A scene in a movie can be the basis for your story.

You can also watch a lot of seasonal movies; the way they weave the stories to keep their audience’s attention season after season will be a source of inspiration to you. Also, a single episode could so inspire you so that you’ll develop an entire story from it.

  1. Quora

One of the major places I get inspiration to write especially for non-fiction is Quora. Quora is a forum where you register on, connect with you areas of interest and you get to ask questions or answer questions as you see fit.

Just reading through various answers to questions could give you something to write about. You can also ask your own questions as regards you area of expertise and read what others will have to say about it.

From time to time, when I get stuck on what to write on, I go on Quora and I always get idea from there on what I can write about.

  1. Amazon

Whether you are a fiction writer or a non-fiction writer, Amazon is a ripe market for ideas. There are millions of books on there so just going through the book archives could give you inspiration.

Read through book descriptions, read book reviews to get ideas on what the book is all about and who knows, you might be inspired to write something similar or spin it in your own way.

  1. Local mall

There is always a lot to see in your local mall. Find a spot, sit down and just observe. You pick up human traits you can use to flesh out your story, you also pick up idiosyncrasies which can make your story very peculiar and stand out.

The way someone chews on a piece of meat, the sound you hear as someone slurps a drink, the weird laughter of a teenager, the shy nature of a child. All these you can observe and use as fodder to flesh out your characters.

  1. Songs

Songs could be a major form of inspiration or you can just listen to music to quiet your spirit and draw out relevant information that you need to write.

I remember a while back when I needed to write a particular scene in a story I was developing. I was stuck and I just needed inspiration that would help me move from where I was to where I needed to be. So, I took up my phone, put on my headphones and just relaxed with some music. I opened my mind to the words I was hearing and just allowed the music speak to me. By the time I was done, my mind had opened up and I could write my scene.

Listen to some music and just relax.

  1. Drive around/Take a stroll

While driving around or taking a stroll around your neighborhood, you can get to see scenes or instances that will inspire you to write.

  1. Listen to gossip

You can get lots and lots of story ideas from listening to gossip. I do it all the time. In fact, my friends run from telling me stuff and they always say they don’t want to see whatever they told me on my website written as a story, that’s how bad it is…lol.

Stories can be generated from all the gist you and your friends spend time telling each other. So next time you are gisting with your friends, try to see ideas you can garner for a story.

  1. Listen to radio

The radio is a local source of news. It’s for everybody. Anything they talk about on radio will usually resonate with everyone in our society no matter their predilection or prejudices. It can be a great source of inspiration for your stories.

  1. Visit your favorite blogs/surf the net

You can always get inspiration from what other people write about daily. Visit your favorite blogs and read up on what they are writing. Keep in mind that whatever you’re reading should be in line with what you want to write.

Wikipedia is a haven of information. Anything you want to learn about, you can find on there. YouTube is another great place where you can learn without restrictions.

Type any words on Google and just read up on the different information available about it. If you want to write a story about a burglary that went awry, then you can type words like ‘how to burgle a house’ and you get tons of information on that which could be a great source of information to write.

In conclusion, you can get inspiration to write from anywhere as long as you open your eyes, your mind, and your intellect to all the beauty and information around you.

I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors…xo

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