Most writers, when they hear the word marketing, have unpleasant feelings. They have associated marketing with an arduous task that has to be done by all means. Marketing has become this dreaded thing we’d rather do without.

What has caused such strong feelings in our minds as pertains marketing? When did marketing become so distasteful?

In the course of this training, we are going to change all of that. You are going to start seeing marketing very differently. You are going to learn that marketing can be a lot of fun.

Marketing is about two things:

  • Creating lasting connections with people
  • Focusing on being helpful, consistently

Like I always say, emotions sell books. The more lasting connections you make with your readers, the more books you will sell. If you are very conscious of the fact that you have to be helpful, you sell more books too.

You know your books have a very specific problem they solve. If you can reach out to people with that particular problem and you’ve been of help consistently over time, imagine what will happen when you roll your cart out for them to buy your books? By then, they trust your brand, they know what you can offer and they are willing to pay to get the solutions.

One of the marketing strategies that will work for you as an author is:


Whether you’re a fiction writer or a non-fiction writer, you have a particular expertise. As a fiction writer, you could be a romance writer or a crime thriller writer. Your expertise is entertainment. You have the ability to make people forget about their troubles for a while, help them get lost in another world but theirs. This is what you need to show over and over again. Let people know that you’re good at writing romance or crime stories and that they will thoroughly enjoy reading your works and never be disappointed.

For non-fiction writers, this is very easy. If you’re in the fashion industry, your expertise is fashion; if you’re in IT industry, then that is your expertise, if you’re a bad-ass make-up artist; that is your expertise. If you’re into motivating people, getting them to do more than they actually would, then that is your expertise. Explore those options. Let your followers know what you’re about by talking about what you do constantly.

Talk about the latest fashion trends, explain to people how they can achieve a beautiful look with make-up, and constantly share the innovative ideas that come up in the IT industry from time to time. Show people that you know what you’re about by giving them expert advice in running their lives and their businesses every opportunity you get.

These are two ways by which you can position yourself effortlessly:

  • Create an expert intro

Your intro as the name implies is what will introduce you properly to someone just meeting you for the first time. Your intro should contain some key elements like what you do and how you can help.

Let me give an example. My intro goes like this: My name is Maggie Smart. I am a writer and a writer’s coach. I help fiction writers position themselves in the industry and sell their works effortlessly and with minimum fuss. If you’re a writer in need of my expertise, you can get in touch with me via my website at or join me in my Facebook group; Smart Writer’s Hub. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

With this brief intro, I have managed to pass across who I am, what I do, how I can help and how you can reach me. These are key elements. I post this in groups, all over my social account, and I generally use it to introduce myself. Anyone who reads this knows what I am about immediately.

Also, note that I indicated my expertise. I have carved a niche out for myself and my specific target are fiction writers. Any fiction writer who needs this will immediately reach out.

You can’t be all and sundry and you can’t cater to everyone. Carve out a specific are you’re very good at and make that your expertise.

Following this example, you can create a simple intro for yourself. Share your unique intro in the comment section below.

  • Share your credibility story

People want to know who you are. They want to know the challenges you went through before getting to the point you are today. They want to know what makes you thick. They want to relate with you on an emotional level. Make no mistake, emotions sell books.

You need to be fearless about sharing your story. Share your pains and your triumphs, let people know you’ve tried and failed many times, let them know they can achieve whatever they set their mind to no matter the trials they’ve been through initially.

This adheres you to them. It makes them see you as human and someone like them. It brings you to their level and they connect with you emotionally. Once they do that, they will buy anything you are selling.

– Culled from WRITE TO EARN


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