Lessons from a Peacock


Hey writer,

I’m thrilled to connect with you once more.

Today, I want to share with you the lessons I learnt from studying a peacock recently.

Many people don’t know that the reason the peacocks spread their feathers is to attract the peahens. When they spread those feathers, the colors calls and attracts the peahens and lets them know it’s time for mating.

What I find most interesting about this though is the fact that the peahens are not so impressed by the colorful feathers. Sure, it calls their attention, but once the peacock has successfully gained their attention, they look for other qualities aside the flash to let them decide whether they’re going to mate with the male or not.

On reading this titbit of knowledge, I came to the realization that while it’s all well and good to attract people with a lot of flash and plum, when it comes to the nitty-gritty, when it comes to the place of delivering, you better be ready to deliver value.

You can call a lot of attention to what you offer by a series of well-placed videos, articles, pictures and the likes, you can tell people what you can do for them, you can be very vocal about the things you have done to get to the level you are, but my dear, at the end of it all, it’s the value you deliver that matters; that is what will keep them coming back and that is what will make them tell someone else about you and what you’ve done for them.

If you can talk for Africa, and exaggerate or embellish to paint a good picture, and all we find at the end of it all is a lot of fluff, that’ll be very disappointing indeed.

The same way the female peafowl looks beyond the colorful feathers, the dramatic eye-spots and the eye-catching head crest, that’s exactly the same way your clients will look beyond all you did to attract them to your offering, and look at the actual value of what you have to offer.

So my dear, in the pursuit of purpose, do all you can to attract the attention of your potential clients (within the boundary of the law, of course) and make sure you have the VALUE to offer them after drawing them in.

So my dear, in the pursuit of purpose, do all you can to attract the attention of your potential clients… Click To Tweet

That way, you build a sustainable business that will stand the test of time.


Be true to yourself, always.

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