Love Unrequited 1

This is a story I wrote a while back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you must have read it. For the new comers, enjoy…


It was an answer to a long voiced prayer when Dima met Buchi that fateful Tuesday in Abuja. Dima is an upcoming artist with a voice like that of an angel. Her voice is so unique with a throaty quality to it that attracts the attention of anyone that is close enough to hear when she sings. Her voice sounds a lot like Chidinma’s, the popular Nigerian singer/songwriter. After so many trials and errors, Dima finally produced a single she is proud of with the help of her long time friend turned disc jockey (DJ Chimzy) and she was determined to push and market that single to her satisfaction hence her trip to Abuja from the coal city, Enugu.

Dima got to Abuja on a rainy and dreary Sunday afternoon. Mind you, she does not know a soul in Abuja, she figured she’ll get a cheap hotel room and start moving from one radio station to another with the hope that one Good Samaritan will agree to hear her song and decide to air it on the radio. This was after careful months of planning, strategizing and saving any extra cash that came her way. Little did she know that her dreams will be as far from her as the heavens is from the earth; it will not be as easy to achieve as she had initially thought.

After two weeks of running around with no show, her soul weary from the constant rejections, her body tired from the grappling and touching of men who wants her body before they commit to listening to her demo, her shoes worn almost to the soles of her feet, her money almost running out; Dima finally accepted defeat. She finally came to terms with the fact that there was no Good Samaritan anywhere to help her; everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. It’s a tit-for-tat world out there and it was time to accept defeat and go home.

It was out of this deep despair and hopelessness that a ray of light shone her way. A ray of light in the form of a man. A ray of light in the form of Buchi.

She was in a taxi on her way back to her hotel, counting the meager amount remaining in her purse when a program came on the radio. She started listening with half an ear but there was something in the presenter’s voice that tugged at her heart and she found herself drawn into the story he was weaving in his listener’s minds.

He told a story of love interwoven with betrayal, heartache and loneliness. The story was heartbreaking and soul-shattering. It moved Dima immensely. She copied down the number he called out for people to call in on her blackberry and resolved to try one last time. She decided to call him and pitch her song to him; maybe this will be the breakthrough she’d been searching for.

She was happy to have one final prospect to try but she didn’t want to be too excited hence she jinx it. She decided to call her best friend, Michelle and talk to her. Michelle has always been the voice of reason to Dima. Dima tends to be very passionate and she can go half cocked on an idea but Michelle keeps her grounded. Dima relies a lot on her as a confidant.

“Hi darling.” She said on hearing Michelle’s voice on the other end of the line.

Hi sweet.” Michelle replied. “How are you holding up?”

“Well, I’ve been better. I’m almost going broke and Abuja is so damn expensive. There was no luck today but I think I got something just now. I was listening to the radio in the taxi while coming back to the hotel and I heard a program on air. I saved the number of the presenter guy and I hope something can come of it.”

“Okay, that’s cool. Hopefully, he won’t turn out to be just another pervert wanting your body before they help you.”

Dima sighed. “Yeah, hopefully.”

Dima thought back on all the propositions she had received from guys just to air her song on the radio. Dima knows she’s a pretty girl and she had hoped she can use her beauty to climb up the ladder in a way, maybe flash a smile here or give a hug there but not to the extent of losing her dignity along the line. It’s a cut-throat world out there and a girl has to succeed but Dima was determined to succeed on her own terms.

“….living the life.” She heard Michelle say and snapped back to attention.

“Sorry girl, I was distracted. What did you say again?”

“I said see my babe, lodging in a hotel and being waited on night and day, living the life.”

Dima laughed. “Babe abeg leave that thing. Which kin life now? This run-down hotel that I manage to find? You think say na Nicon-Hilton I dey? Leave that side abeg.”

“At least you are in Abuja. Me that have never been nko?”

“Abuja is not sweet if you don’t have money o. Don’t worry, when I hit it big, we’ll come together. Then, we can live the Abuja life.”

“That’s my girl. I trust you. You no dey fall my hand.”

Dima laughed. “Yeah right. Good night. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. If this does not go well, expect me back in Enugu the day after.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Wear something sexy and knock his socks off.”

“At this point, I’m tempted to just don an ‘iro and buba’ and get it over with. Maybe, that will do the trick.”

Michelle laughed. “If I catch you in any ‘iro and buba’, I’ll personally come and take it off you.”

“Okay, your highness. I hear you.”

“And don’t forget to take a selfie and send to me before you leave your room.”

“Okay, okay. Bye before you finish my air-time.”


Dima felt a lot better after the phone call and was assured that the next day will hold something better for her.


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