One Minute



I woke up one morning
And all the cobwebs lifted
I knew I threw my chance away
I knew I did us all wrong

I thought back to all the times
That I threw your love back in your face
And spited at your affections
Those memories all came back to haunt me

I stayed away only to find
There was no place to hide
Your presence is everywhere
Reminders in everything I do

Now I come crawling back clinging to you
Hoping I get a second chance
All I need is one minute of your time
To say that I’m sorry


P.S: I asked for some story suggestions in my last post but nobody replied me #sosad. I have to take some time to come up with another good story so as not to disappoint my awesome readers, so please bear with me. A new story titled ‘Love beyond Reason’ is coming up soon. Watch out for it, and invite your friends to come enjoy what you enjoy here. Cheers…xo


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