C.Ronaldo; Passion and Hardwork

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On C.Ronaldo

Each time I watch C.Ronaldo play football, I fall in love with him all over again. His passion, his drive, his hard work cannot be downplayed. He is a man that loves the game, and it shows.

I usually argue with my husband on the merits of C.Ronaldo and Messi. True, Messi is talented, gifted and he knows the game; he has an undeniable talent, but my vote will always go to C.Ronaldo anytime, any day just because he is so passionate, focused and hardworking (and don’t forget he’s also gorgeous…lol). Recently, that Portugal/France game reinforced this in my mind; even when he was injured, he came back to encourage his teammates. I just admire such drive in a person.

Now, relating this to the real world. I believe if you have all the talent in this world, without passion and hard work, you’re just joking. Yes, you’re gifted in the art of writing, yes, you can sing like the angels; but there is always a place for continuous work and learning for that talent to grow and flourish, and to acquire the skill and wherewithal to stay in the game. Passion for that talent will make you stay working even when everything points to the advantages of quitting. Passion will keep you in the game even when you’re injured, passion will spur you on.

I have a passion for writing, and I am working my damnedest to keep in the game. It’s not been easy, I have been injured, but I am determined to keep at it and keep scoring. Very soon, I’ll score those goals I’ve been working tirelessly for.

Whatever it is you’re doing with your life and talents, don’t give up, keep playing the game relentlessly, and before long, you’ll score that goal you’ve been working for. Peace…



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