Forever 14



King approached her where she sat and took her hand in his. “I’m sorry I had to do that but I needed time to explain all this to her.”

“That’s okay.” Alewa said. “What’s the next step now?”

“She’ll tell you about it but I know she can help.”

“Okay then.”

Alewa turned to Georgina. “What do we do now?”

“Before we start anything, I just want you to know that I know exactly what you’re going through. I went through something similar myself but it was an uncle who molested me; it’s all the same to me though because these men are supposed to protect us, instead they put us in a position where we need to be protected from them. I know how you feel, and I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“I appreciate that Georgina. I’m sorry you had to go through it too.”

Georgina nodded. “Having said that, let’s move on to the next issue.” She looked to Alewa for permission.

Alewa nodded to let her know she was listening.

“I think you need to see a therapist to work you through your emotions and what you may be feeling. I saw a therapist and that really helped me have closure and move on. Although, this thing is going to be with me throughout my life, I am at least equipped to control my feelings and reactions to it.” She paused to make sure Alewa was listening.

“If you’re interested, I can refer you to the therapist I used then?”

“I’ll like that, thank you.”

“Okay, that’s settled then.”

At that point, she looked at King. King nodded his permission for her to continue.

“Another thing that really helped me is this: I work with young girls that have gone through this and are still going through it. I volunteer at an NGO that helps girls like that and we do all we can to get them out of the situation. I found that this is great therapy for me, as it helps me work through my issues while helping others work through that. I can connect you if you’re interested in that too.”

“I’d really love that!” Alewa exclaimed. “Wow, that’ll be so interesting.”

“I’m glad you’re excited about this Alewa.”

“Oh yes I am. I’d love a chance to help someone going through what I’m going through.”

“Awesome. So I should set it up?”

“Could you hold off on that for a bit?” she asked

Georgina looked confused.

“I’m not backing out. It’s just that I’ll love a chance to see that therapist you mentioned earlier. I think it’s better I work through my problems first, before trying to help others.”

“Alright. That’s fair enough.”


She looked to King again, and he nodded just as he did earlier.

Georgina cleared her throat and dived in. “Alewa, there’s something else I purposely left till the end; not because it’s less important but because it might be the best decision you ever made.” She paused

“I’m listening.” Alewa was curious to hear what she’s about to say.

Georgina looked her in the eye. “King told me you were averse to the idea of going to church?”

Alewa looked away. “I don’t really want to get into that right now.”

“I understand. But can I say something?”

“Go ahead Georgina.”

“You must understand that I’m not trying to coerce you into what you don’t feel comfortable doing, but the fact is God has been a big part of my life for years now and he played a significant role in how I was able to move on and attain peace. I don’t want you to trifle with that. At the very least, think about King’s offer.”

Alewa looked at her steadily for some seconds. She looked towards King too and he smiled. “Okay, I’ll go with him this Sunday.” She finally said

Georgina beamed. “Fantastic! Now let me get the card of that therapist. I’ll be right back.” She excused herself.

King hugged Alewa the moment Georgina was out of the room. “I’m really proud of you my dear. Now, you can embark on your healing journey.”

“Thank you King. But church?” she asked doubtfully

“I know how you feel about that. Just try it out this once, and if you don’t like it then I won’t bother you about it anymore.”

“Okay then. Let’s try that this Sunday.”



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    wow! it turning out good, am happy for her. Nice work Maggie

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    Wow! This something nice that I haven’t read in years I am happy I stumbled on it, and thank God I didn’t judge the book by it’s cover.

    Please i can’t wait to see the next part I e part 15, if there is

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      Thank you King, my character’s namesake. I’m glad to have you here. Please share the story with friends of yours that you think will love it. Cheers…xoxo

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    Hi Maggie, Please can you also add Beyond now to this site.
    many thanks

    1. // Reply

      Hi P. Beyond Now is a novel I’m still working on, it’s not a short story. I only upload short stories on the site.

      However, when I’m done with the work, I’ll inform you so you’ll know where and how to get it. It should be ready by the end of the year.

      Thanks for your interest!

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    Maggggie why so short? Could u believe i read all fourteen episodes today?

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      Lol. My dear, that’s about thirty pages on Microsoft word…not short at all. Guess you’re a fast reader.
      I hope you enjoyed all the episodes? Share with your friends if you did. Cheers…xo

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