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These past weeks we lost two legends; Muhammad Ali, a world renowned boxer and Stephen Keshi, our very own legend in Nigerian and African football. They left this world but they’ll be remembered for the impact they both had on the human race in their own separate ways.

These deaths just reaffirmed something profound in my mind; there’s no time to waste. Every second, minute, hour, day, month and year of my life must count for something. No time to dilly-dally or wallow in indecision or inaction, every second of my life must be spent fulfilling purpose.

Death is an end most of us don’t like to think about but the fact is death is inevitable. What we must focus on is making impact in the time we have left in the world. We must work at living our life to the fullest, all the while fulfilling purpose and touching lives any way we can.

We talk about Stephen Keshi and Muhammad Ali today because they lived in purpose. They didn’t leave this world as they came into it, they left their mark in the sands of time and consequently their names are written in gold. They will be remembered for their words and deeds.

What are you doing today to leave your mark in this world? What actions have you taken to impact your generation? There’s no time to start like now, you have to determine to be the best you can be. No time to waste!


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