I count it all GAIN



Sometimes in life disappointments come our way such that we find it hard to move on. We might question if we are doing the right thing or on the right path, or that we even know what we are doing at all. It’s easy to be filled with doubts and self recrimination to the point where we forget to look out for the positives in all the negativity. We forget that even in the bad, there is still some good, and in all the self doubts and recriminations, there’s still a reason to be proud of ourselves.

I had to be reminded of that recently. I was in a writing competition a few weeks back and the results came back a few days ago. I was not one of the winners. Although I was disappointed I didn’t win, I had to encourage myself and try to see a positive side to it. The truth is that thousands that have never heard the name ‘Maggie Smart’ before got to know about the brand through that competition. I got to gain many more leads and visits to my blog through the competition. You see, it was all not a loss.

I am building my brand and that many more people got to get familiar with the name ‘Maggie Smart’ and what the brand is all about. I don’t see it as a failure or drawback; I see it as a reminder to work harder to achieve what I want. I see it as a stepping stone towards greatness. I see it as one more rung on the ladder I am climbing towards the top I am gunning for. I count it all gain.

Is there anything that is happening in your life right now which is discouraging to you? Are you tired of fighting the battle and maybe you are thinking of giving up? Please don’t. Keep keeping on. It happens to the best of us but the difference between the successful and unsuccessful ones is the ability to move on even in the face of adversity or failure, the determination to rise above the bog and strive on till we get to the base of the mountain and the fortitude to keep climbing that mountain till we get to the very top.

Be encouraged! Be inspired!


P.S: thanks to everyone who took the time to read the story I wrote for the competition, those who went a step further to visit the link and leave a comment and a big hug to those who shared the link and pressed the ‘like’ button. This is to you…cheers!

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