My First Love



Many people ask me questions like: how did you discover you could write? When did you start writing? How do you find it so easy to write these compelling stories? I just smile because I know it didn’t start today. It is a result of many years of putting something down even when I know nobody was likely to read it.

Let me start at the very beginning. I had always been an avid reader. I love reading so much that sometimes I don’t sleep at night just to finish a novel or a particular book. It got so bad that I put novels inside my textbooks and pretended as if I was reading the textbook. Meanwhile, it’s the open novel within the textbook that got me so focused. My dad didn’t know any better but my mum suspected. She once told me she adopted the same method to deceive her own parents (I guess the apple(me) didn’t fall far from the tree (my mum)…lol).

I discovered I could write at a pretty young age (in secondary school). I remember I wrote poems and articles and posted them on our bulletin board in school then. I was a pro in writing love letters too (aftereffects of reading too much romance novels) and my friends came to me sometimes to help them craft letters to their ololufes (lovers); I didn’t even think of charging them, maybe I would have made tons of money from that venture (lol).

I continued that way all through the university. I joined the editorial unit of my fellowship and then went ahead to write different articles and poems for the board. All the while, I didn’t take my writing serious; I was just doing it for the fun of it, until I met someone that really changed my perspective.

It was after graduation, that gap between graduation and waiting for youth service. I decided to get a job instead of staying home, and I was lucky enough to get a job at a jewelry company in Ibadan. It was the manager of this company that opened my eyes to the possibility of earning from my writing. He encouraged me to write a novel (which I had never done; I hadn’t even written a short story/novella).

I went ahead and started the novel and surprisingly people loved it. It was a big hit. I published, launched it and started selling gradually. This proved to be a very big challenge; if I knew back then what I know now, it would have been a piece of cake to sell, but I didn’t and I ended up giving more than half of the books away.

After I wrote my first book, I went ahead and wrote another but it has not been published till date (long story; I might share it with you one of these days). After these two books, I went on a looooong break (another story for another day) until I found my way back to my first love.

Last year, I decided to be fully committed to my craft and work towards achieving my goals. Every day had proven to be more exciting than the previous since I made that decision because I love what I do and I have fun doing it. I made up my mind to be consistent, to do things deliberately and look forward to the best life has to offer me.

Are you following your dreams? Do you have a talent or something you love to do? Delve in and don’t look back. Get set to pursue that passion of yours to the ends of the earth and the sky will only be your starting point. See you at the top!

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